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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 30, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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regulators constantly trying to control more of our lives. the epa should stand for enough protection already. protection already. hello. i'm arthel neville. welcome it a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> hello, i'm eric shaun. topping the news at this moment, take a look at the growing controversy over president obama's views and remarks on isis. that after the president announced he had, quote, no strategy to deal with the islamic terrorist group. we will have more on that coming up. plus, the european union threatening russia with tough new sanctions. will they listen? what if they don't? >> keeping their distance, a white house plan to help
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vulnerable democrats this november that president obama apparently keeping off of their campaign trail. we'll have the details. first, our top story, u.s. lawmakers at odds over how to deal with the terrorists of isis. critics are slamming president obama over his remarks that the u.s. doesn't have a strategy for >> we do not need o let in this country any american who is fighting with isis. and number two, isis says they want to go back and reject modernity. well, i think we should help them. we ought to bomb them back to the stone age. >> molly henneberg joining us now, picking up the story from washington. hi, molly. >> reporter: hi.
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secretary of state john kerry says a global coalition needs to confront isis', quote, nihilistic vision. kerry says he and chuck hagel will meet with allies next week at a nato summit in wales to enlist their help. then the two secretaries will fly to the middle east to discuss isis with leaders of countries there. times," kerry wrote, quote, what a united response led by the united states and the broadest possible coalition of nations, the cancer of isis will not be allowed to spread to other countries. the world can confront this scourge and ultimately defeat it. isis is odious, but not omnipotent. critics of the obama administration say america needs to hear more from the president. senators john mccain and lindsey graham say the president's comment that, quote, we don't have a strategy yet, to deal
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with isis in syria is startling and dangerous. they also wrote an op ed in the "new york times" titled "stop deatherring, confront isis." they're calling for a comprehensive strategy, but warn that, quote, ultimately isis is a military force and it must be confronted militarily. mr. obama has begun to take military actions against isis in iraq. but they've been tactical and reactive half measures. continuing to confront isis in iraq, but not syria would be fighting with one hand tied behind our back. we need a military plan to defeat isis wherever it is. the white house contends what the president meant when he said we don't have a strategy yet for isis in syria is that mr. obama wanted to give the pentagon time to work up those strategic options. arthel? >> molly henneberg, thank you very much for that update. the threat some say is not just isis, but also from iran. washington conference, the
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national council of resistance in iran, they accused tehran of trying to kill its critics by starving them to death. today is day 18 they charge that the iraq government has blocked food, fuel and water from 3,000 pro-u.s. baghdad residents who are members of the iran resistance group. the council is pleading for the u.s. and united nations to intervene before it is too late. the residents live in a former u.s. military base called camp liberty and warn of a growing humanitarian crisis there, accusing baghdad of acting on behalf of tehran by cutting fuel and electricity. they say food is spoiled in 120-degree heat and running out. the u.s. promise to do protect the residents there and are considered protected, but that say forkers, have not stopped the crack down. more than 100 people have been killed at the group's facilities and they warn unless the world intervenes, there will be more
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deaths. the u.s. state department has previously condemned the attacks and has worked on relocating some of the residents to other nation. but the majority remain at camp liberty and their fate seems uncertain. the council of resistance of iran was the first to expose the ex tents of iran's nuclear problem in 2002 and fighting to topple the regime in tehran. dozens of u.n. peacekeepers rescued from al-qaeda in the golan heights, this after syrian rebels with al-qaeda links surrounded their camp for days. syrian human rights officials say the incident highlights the risk of being drawn further into the growing conflict. john huddy has more now from our middle east bureau. >> reporter: arthel, while u.n. peacekeepers managed to escape from syria and get back into israel today, u.n. troops remain under fire tonight. earlier today the al-qaeda link attacked 40 philippino u.n.
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troops mannin0@íu a u.n. camp in the golan heights. the u.n. says the fighting continues there tonight. no word of any casualties. in the same region, another u.n. camp was evacuated today because of the fighting. nearly three dozen u.n. peacekeepers managed to get back into israel. this as the whereabouts of 44 other u.n.gvc÷ peacekeepers rems unknown, though u.n. officials said they are, quote, safe and in good health. and tonight israeli forces remain posted along the syrian border as the situation gets increasingly more tense and dangerous there. arthel? >> john huddy, thanks a lot. a little more to add for you. right now the u.n. says it withdrew personnel from one camp an gun fire was heard in the vicinity. so far no reports of casualty casualtyies. also in the middle east, the enormous cost of rebuilding gaza after hamas decided to launch those missile attacks against israel and israel responded
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militarily. the united nations saying it could take up to 20 years to rebuild gaza at a cost of more than $6 billion. gaza is one of the most densely populated places in the world with about 2 million people. u.n. report adds that many he was to rebuild could potentially be hindered by continuing blockades. israel's iron dome defense system, though, is credited with preserving the infrastructure of israel by blocking thousands of those hamas rockets. we go now to the growing crisis in ukraine. russia possibly facing new sanctions over its military involvement there. this as heavy fighting continues in eastern ukraine. shells striking a railway station and a nearby market, the largest rebel-held city. meantime, european leaders meeting there in brussels to discuss additional sanctions on moscow as 1,000 troops are inside ukraine.
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dominic denatale. what do we know about these new sanctions. >> reporter: hey there. we know european leaders are work late into the tonight over there to try and hammer out what appear to be at least restrictions on economic relations that countries around the world and the european union have as well with russia bus we've seen such a success with the economic sanctions, for example, united states have already put on russia. but this is coming as we see new video coming out of ukraine, further setbacks to ukrainian troops as they try to battle those russian-backed insurgents. these are the latest pictures. what's happening is that russian troops have opened up a sort of retreat there and created a new corridor for the russian troops to come in and make further advances into eastern ukraine. there is one report that we're hearing that vladimir putin in russia could be stripped of world cup hosting rights,
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although that would be quite hard to work out. but putin could be barred from attending g-8 meetings as well. parishen co- has been talkinj1]o leadership there and concerned about the breaking point it's come to. listen to what he had to say at a press conference earlier. >> indeed i think we are very close to the point of nonreturn, point of no return is full scale war, which already happened under territory controlled by them and regular russian troops. >> reporter: details likech
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ukraine? >> when it comes to the european union, it will have to be on an individual country basis 'cause the european union isn't actually a federal system where the countries agree to send a bunch troops together. probably going to come down to nato at that meeting in wales in a few days time. but we've heard from the president of the european union commission saying look, they may have to get harder and tougher with russia down the line. listen. >> we urge them to come to reason, to work constructively. we have certainly no interest in confrontation with russia and i believe russia should have no interest in confrontation with the european union.
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>> reporter: no interest from russia, he said, but look at those words of vladimir putin made just the other day reminding the world that indeed russia was a nuclear nation, very, very ominous. >> indeed. dominic, thank you very much for that update there in l.a. back here at home, there are new reports that president obama may delay a decision on immigration until after november's mid terms. he was expected to use his executive order power to grant legal status to about 5 million illegal immigrants. this despite the president's promise to act on his own. he decided to do that, promised to do it by june by the educational background of the month. due to what he calls now obstruction from the republican lawmakers. elizabeth prann has the latest from washington. >> reporter: it's possible that the president will stall his appropriation to immigration. any delay in immigration reform could shake up senate democrats
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facing tough midterm reelection campaigns, especially in conservative-leaning states where any executive action from the president could be seen as a liability. on the other side, some republicans say an executive order is not within the president's legal parameters. >> the majority of the american people don't want the president to go around congress. they want him to play by the rules himself. we live in a democracy. not a totalitarian government and not a dictatorship. >> reporter: the recent crisis with unaccompanied minors escalated the immigration reform. supporters are frustrated at how long it's taken the president to enact any reform adding pressure on president obama to show leadership and act alone. the reform could potentially protect millions of illegal immigrants from deportation and allow many of them to obtain official work papers. yet any day on when this reform will happen remains ambiguous. >> some of these things do affect time lines and we're going to be working through them
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as systematically as possible. >> they could enact limited, less expansive measures to make it easier for people to get legal status for spouses or children. eric, back to you. >> thanks very much. >> all of this is coming as we get stunning new information on the border crisis. nearly 63,000 undocumented, unaccompanied children have crossed our southwest border from october 2013 to july of this year. nearly 38,000 have been released to a parent or relative who is able to care for the child while his or her care is processed, or the case i should say. and those unaccompanied minors are costing taxpayers around $252 per day. we have word a small plane apparently has gone down in the atlantic ocean off of the eastern shore of virginia. that aircraft enroute to virginia from wisconsin when the
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accident happened about 50 miles southeast of wallops island, virginia. the faa saying the plane was flying in restricted air space for a while around the capitol. the pilot did not respond to radio calls from authorities. we don't yet have word on the pilot's condition or why that plane overflew land, if the pilot suffered a medical emergency in the air or if it happened before, there may have been a problem with the oxygen system. we'll keep you updated. the first openly gay player drafted by an nfl team cut before one week or before week one. the sane louis rams parting ways with defensive end michael sam. this is despite a team high six tooks thursday against miami. the rams selecting sam in the seventh round of this year's draft. sam posting a tweet moments ago thanking the rams, writing, quote, i look forward to continuing to building on the progress i made here toward a long and successful career, the
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most worthwhile things in life rarely come easy. this is a lesson i've always known. the journey continues. the rams cutting a dozen other players to get its roster to 53 players. sam could now sign with another team orgue -- or join the practice squad. >> we'll have more on the condition of joan rivers. she remains in life support in a new york hospital. we'll have the latest on her condition as the entertainment legend remains in that medically induced coma. different approaches to deal with isis. while president obama draws sharp criticism, david cameron delivers a powerful speech. >> the right approach to this is to identify the problem we face. the poisonous extremist narrative and then you have to take it on everywhere it appears, including at home.
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hundreds of people holding a rally in ferguson, missouri to mark three weeks after the shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown. his parents and relatives leading a peaceful march to the spot where the teen was killed. some protesters also gathering in front of the police department and fire station
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there. this as grand jury considers evidence to decide whether to bring charges against darren wilson, the police officer who shot brown. joan rivers is on life support, according to web site, tmz. reports from her family remains hopeful. earlier reports suggested the 81-year-old was still in serious condition, put in that medically induced coma after she went into cardiac arrest during a vocal cord surgery procedure on thursday. doctors say they're not sure how long she went without breathing after her heart stopped and they are trying to determine if her brain was potentially affected by a lack of oxygen. british prime minister david cameron coming out swinging against isis, addressing radical islam head on in cracking down on passports. critics blasting president obama's handling of the isis threat for saying he doesn't have a strategy. weighing in on these different
3:21 pm
approaches is d.d. banke, former campaign aide and white house aide to president george w. bush, and kristy, president of new heights communications and former spokesperson for former governor howard dean. good to see you both. >> good to be here. >> kristy, i want your assessment of the two different approaches. >> right. not to state the obvious, but the united states and england are two very different countries in two very different regions of the world. so it makes sense that david cameron would have an approach that is seeing isis as more of an immediate geographical threat, seeing as how they're geographickiccally closer to the region. that said, it's certainly important for president obama to make it clear that he does see this as a threat as well, that there is a strategy and that he is on top of things. >> he didn't say that. he said there wasn't a strategy.
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let's face it, the u.s. is public enemy number one when it comes to the terrorists. dd, do you agree with that logic? >> i think what kristy says is that we need to have a strategy and that's exactly what president obama or josh earnest said president obama didn't have. ed henry gave the ultimate smack down of josh earnest because there is no strategy, we're mitigating, we're talking. you know what? we had an american beheaded and they are a very urgents, difficult terrorist group and look, david cameron, he's in the same group as margaret thatcher and ronald reagan. peace is strength. with obama, we're going to have war through weakness. this is a very serious situation throughout the world and obama is playing golf. >> dd, listen, of course, we know it is a very serious situation and i wanted to add to what you said, that prime minister cameron said at least 500 people have traveled from the u.k. to syria and iraq to
3:23 pm
fight with militant groups. that's people from his part of the world. so that is why perhaps he sees it as more pressing at the moment. go ahead, kristy. i think you were trying to jump in. >> it's totally clear there was an incredibly unfortunate statement sound bite that came out of the press conference this week, which was the we don't have a strategy, when he was talking about a strategy toward bombing syria. fox there is no strategy there. but not a surprise, that was a pretty bad sound bite. >> hen hen -- >> he followed up that -- >> dd, if i can finish. >> he never said a strategy. >> if i can finish. >> go ahead, please. >> there obvious israeli plan. the plan that was laid out in the "new york times" by john kerry in which he said what we're looking for here is a global coalition. that's what the president needs to get behind. the u.n. city council
3:24 pm
meeting. that's where we believe we can get other countries behind it and really sort of begin this sort of globe illustratey towards attacking isis. >> the global strategy that secretary kerry was referring to is doling out the responsibility, you got certain countries that need to lead in the humanitarian effort, certain countries that might need to take the lead in terms of military action and so forth. so d.d., let me get back to you, do you feel that the president should be more specific in whatever his strategy may or may not be and if he is, if he has a strategy at the very least, tell lawmakers, if not the american public? >> look, it's so serious in what these people want is they want the destruction of america. they want the destruction of what we stand for. this is a very serious situation and the president at least is not appearing to take it seriously. >> tell me this, and understand me, i'm not back the president. i'm asking a specific question
3:25 pm
because this is a serious situation. we can't just lodge blanket complaints without specifics. so honestly to say the president is not taking it -- >> i'm asking you your opinion, not just the president is out playing golf. >> that's a problem, first. at least emulates david cameron, boy, i'd love to have him as a leader because at least he's taking certain steps about the passports and so forth. but look, even though we're across the pond, we know through 9-11 that the terrorists can and will get here if we don't do something about it. so to say we're safe because we're across the pond is not right. we really need to take this seriously and americans are at risk. so i'd really love to see our president step up and do something like david cameron because right now, he's playing golf. doing nothing. it's embarrassing. >> maybe you're saying that the president should maybe take -- come ran has taken steps, he's taken steps by seizing passports
3:26 pm
and maybe that's some of the ways the president can take cameron's lead. i have to go, dd, i have to give you the last word. >> got to go. gave you the last word. i appreciate the both of you. >> man, she's tough. meanwhile, unsolved case in greta van susteren will look into the case of the smiley face murders. remember them? they spread panic in some communities. >> gilbertson gannon came to believe they were the same perpetrators. >> do you still believe this is this group of a serial killer? >> no, not a serial killer. it's just like we said back in 2008 at the press conference. we can prove that some individuals went in the water not on the night that they went missing. at the hotel in manhattan. they laid out their theory of
3:27 pm
how young college age men were being killed. >> they were held for extended period of time before they entered into the water, which means not only did somebody hole them, but that totally blows up the whole theory of these young men who are totally intoxicated. >> it was a shocking allegation. >> young men are being drugged, abducted, held for a period of time and then murdered and placed in the water. >> greta's full investigation is tonight at 10 p.m should be a fascinating story. the bull has been running on wall street. how long do you think he can go? coming up, should we be worried or confident at the continuing run up in stocks as the s & p hits new highs? >> plus, a start-up company has a pretty unique business model. they want to you join by renting out your car.
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if you look to your 401(k) lately, the bulls keep running on wall street. the s & p 500 end at a record high, posting a best august in 14 years. the big question a lot of people are asking, can it last? joining us now is the, scott. do you think it can last? >> some people say it can. we saw the s & p 500 cross 2,000 this week for the first time. we haven't had a stock market correction, which is a 10% drop in a major index n three years since august 2011 during that
3:33 pm
whole debt ceiling crisis. so it's unclear what's going to be the case in the next few months and a lot of people are saying dow at 17,000, that's just too high. >> it's so funny. people say, there wasn't this correction at that 10% amount. so they expect one potentially. every time you hear a forecast that says what's going to happen, it doesn't happen and the thing keeps shooting up. >> it doesn't happen. there has been so many pressures this year. we're talking geopolitical pressures that keep tilting the forecast. but what i like to look at is the bond mark. look at yields on the ten-year bonds. those are the benchmark government bonds that set the rates on mortgages and car loans. we should be seeing them move in tandem. we're seeing the opposite. bond yields 2.4%. they were at 3% earlier this year. that means people are pouring money into bonds 'cause when that happens, we see the yields drop and bonds are considered a safe haven asset. so that gives you an indication that something is not really being priced into the stock
3:34 pm
market. >> look at warren buffet. everyone looks at the grand oracle of omaha. look what he said in his annual letter in february. he's bullish on stocks. he said, basically after he passes away, his estate, he wants his estate to, quote, put 10% of the cash in short-term government bonds. just 10%. and 90% in a very low cost s & p index. i suggest vanguards, he said. i trust this will be superior then those obtained by most investors. so here, mr. buffet is saying, go, go, go stocks. is that appropriate? >> really depends on your situation. if you're young, you have time on your side, you want to be a little bit more ambitious in terms of your stocks because you have time to weather any potential down size. but if you're nearing retirement, the last place you want to be is put your money at risk. especially if you need that money in a few years and should
3:35 pm
something go south, you're out of luck. >> then they say you miss out on the big growth if you're out of the stock market. >> over time certainly. last year we saw the s & p 500 rise 30%. but i think what buffet is saying is the s & p 500 is so broad, it's 500 stocks. you have a wide range of stocks, whether it's consumer discretionary or financials, you're covering all the bases. the real key is when do you need that money? >> do you think it will be 30% this year? what type of track are we at? >> i don't think 30%. we've been up 5 to 8% so far this year. so we just got the gdp numbers, which have been better. but overall, there is a lot of economic pressures that are still keeping stocks a little bit lower where they should. i don't see any major pop in the next four months to finish the year off. >> so the bulls will be running downun 48th street pretty soon. they keep on running and still going. no stopping them for a while. all right, scott, thanks. >> thanks. >> arthel? >> so would you give your car keys to a complete stranger?
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one silicon valley start-up wants you to do that very thing by renting your car. bryan llenas is live with the details. how does this work? >> reporter: it's called relay rides. it's now available in 2300 cities, allowing car owners to post their vehicles on the web site for free. you set a daily weekly or monthly rental price, mileage limits and availability. you choose who you want to rent to and set up a pick up and dropoff location. the average car is renting for about $40 a day. the money is direct deposited into your account within days and you keep 75% of the profit. the average owner makes about 250 to $300 a month. >> it provides them with, for the first time, a way to get some earnings from this asset that they own, which is an important asset, which typically depreciates and loses money. >> reporter: he says prices are on average 35% lower than
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traditional car rental companies. there are about 800 different car models available. car owners and renters are protected with a million dollars liability insurance policy and every renter's driving history is screened. in philadelphia, we caught up with pamela, who was handing off her keys for the day. >> it's a no brainer. and i never use the car. it's got 42,000 -- 44,000 miles on it in 12 years. you know. i barely put -- i don't actually put 3,000 miles a year on the car. so it sits most days. >> i needed a car today. i wanted to go to the beach. i just got the app on my phone and got in contact with her and got this car. >> reporter: the company is part of the emerging peer to peer market, with owners renting or sharing their things for profit. we see this with homes and bike rentals. now you have relay rides for cars. >> yeah, you know me. i'm a little%55÷ bit of a
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germaphobe. i don't want all those grimy hands on my steering wheel. i can say why it might work for some people. >> i hear you. >> mid terms are approaching and some races that has put president obama in a bit of a tight spot. coming up, news where you might find the campaigner in chief this fall and which states where they say he may keep his distance. which one do you prefer? paper or plastic? in some states, that's becoming a controversial question. one new state measure to limit one and encourage the other. could it be the first of the kind in the country that would spread across our nation? we'll be right back.
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time for a quick check of the headlines now. six people are dead in a mobile home fire in north carolina. this is in samson county in the eastern part of the state. investigators say there is no immediate evidence that the blaze was intentionally set. a teen-ager in new york is dead after crashing a friend's lambourghini. the 18-year-old was killed after spinning into a guardrail on long island. police say the wreck was probably caused by excessive speed. in california, lawmakers narrowly approving a sweeping ban on plastic bags. grocery shoppers would also be asked to pay at least ten cents for a paper or reusable plastic bag. now the measure goes to governor jerry brown. president obama's post-labor day schedule is taking shape that he'll campaign only in those states in which he still polls well, like michigan, pennsylvania, california. the reports say the president appears to be steering clear of
3:44 pm
the red states, states that it turns out could potentially decide control of the senate. what does this mean for the mid terms? susan estridge is a fox news contributor. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> the republicans only need six seats in order to take control of the senate. what does it mean from a campaign perspective if the president is kept out of those states? >> it means he's not going to help them there. it's a very realistic, fairly common situation where you've got a president in a midterm election. now presidents generally don't fair that well in midterm elections. but this president, for whatever reason, and everybody's got their theories, his popularity is stuck in the low 40s, which means he's down to core democrats. so you're not going to see him flying into, you know, states where he's not going to help the candidate. you're not going to see him
3:45 pm
trying to help the kay hagins of the world hold on to their seat, unfortunately, for people like me, we're going to see him in california all the time raising money and clogging freeways, i'm afraid. >> and those rich people with the helicopters in the hamptons can't fly this weekend because they had a no fly zone because he was up here. >> oh, no! >> thinks he'll lose votes? anyway. here is a list of other potential vulnerable democrats that could switch the senate if the gop captures the seats. arkansas, mark pryor. louisiana, mary landrieu, north carolina, kay hagin. alaska, colorado. what is the possibility do you think a lot of these senators are waging campaigns on local issues that identify themselves locally, especially for example like landrieu. is that the way for them to keep the senate? >> it's the best shot anybody's come up with so far, i think. you can always count when you see the ads, right, my guess is
3:46 pm
all the republicans run not guilty those states have ads that have president obama in them, right? and my guess is all the democrats have ads with no obama. in fact, you'll see some ads that don't even use the word capital d democrat. they're running on local issues, independent voice. i've been there for you. and any democrat who tells you that they're not worried about losing the senate is lying. >> how would you run a race? you just mentioned something. sometimes they have the name up there, then they got like a line. but they don't say if they're republican, democrat, independent or communist. how would you run a race? >> for louisiana -- it's not rocket science. for north carolina, look, you're not going to rehabilitate barak obama's popularity for your state while you're running for your life. if he can't figure out to do
3:47 pm
that, and believe me, they're trying and they haven't, you're sure as heck not going to do it when you're run not guilty north carolina or arkansas or louisiana or other states that aren't generally all that hospitable to democrats anyway. so what you do is you run as an independent voice, standing for you. standing on your side. you try to pick a few key issues. maybe it's education or the environment where you're, quote, democratic petition is the more popular one and you try to say when i go to washington, i'll be going not to join one side or the other, i'm not going to be with those crazy republicans. not going to be with those crazy democrats. remember dick morris, i think that's what they're trying to do. >> what do you think will happen? to you think the gop will get the senate? >> i think if -- you know me, i'm stuck being honest. if you're a betting woman and betting right now, you have to bet that the republicans will take the senate.
3:48 pm
i mean, i sit there with my students and class, we go race by race and we look at the numbers. right now the numbers are favoring the republicans. and it's a midterm. but at the end of the day, polls are a snapshot. you and i have been around a long enough to know a lot can change by new year's eve and the irony that the republicans do really well in the midterm, they will probably help hillary. so go figure. >> okay. i like being in your class every saturday night at this time. >> yeah, fun. >> susan, thank you so much. >> i learn from you, eric. >> you can read susan's syndicated column in newspapers across the country if you want to see more of her, every wednesday and friday. she's with us every saturday night about this time. out in utah, southern utah university, they removed majority leader harry reid's name from a building on the campus. the school president admits there was some pressure from
3:49 pm
conservative groups to remove reid's name, but they insist politic high school nothing to do with the decision. they say actually the reason they took it off is people don't associate senator reid with outdoor activities. i guess running up and down the mountain range or something like that. well, turns out that the senator's name was on the school's outdoor engagement center in cedar city for a long time. the democrat happened to graduate from that university back in 1951. arthel? >> i'm outside. school is back in session and many parents are looking for the perfect cereal to start the day off right. we will have all the top choices and what makes them perfect for your family. stick around. we're having brekky in a moment.
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3:54 pm
we'll have what they found. >> that's a lot of cereal. >> we were interested in cereals that were good for you and tasted good. >> start with the cheeros. where do they rank? >> cheeros is number three. chlor oat flavors and simple and good source of fiber and calories and fat and low in sugar. >> i am not a kid but i like cheerios. >> they like them if they put fruit in them and let them pick it up with their fingers. they like to put it in their mouths. >> we have here? granola. black bury. and this is a sweateter cereal d
3:55 pm
low in sugar. >> it is a lot of fiber in the granola and nice flax seeds. >> i think of people in these cereals. they may taste good and what about the sugar and calories? >> cheerios are low inical rows and this one. a third of a cup in 130 calories. it does satisfactory you with fiber and protein. >> and they are bars. >> you can get the bars, too. >> and bob's red mooselei. >> it is delicious. you can eat it hot or cold. combining taste and nutrition. this is what you do. you have yogurt and put the granola in
3:56 pm
the yogurt. this is the number one. it locks like faith but pronounced faith. >> and it is creamy and delicious. and no chalkey textature. high in protein and low in sugar. >> you brought my yogurt and my cheerios. >> i swear my lucky charms. >> we got to go guys. thank you, pat. appreciate your time. >> heather childers is in for julie bandaras for the fox report. have a great evening. >> might have cereal for dinner, why not. by the freshness of the mediterranean... or the smoky spice of the southwest... or bold, adventurous thai flavors...
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